Customvue Wavefront Technology

Customvue Wavefront Technology
Advanced CustomVue designs and delivers individualized corrections with greater flexibility and precision than ever before during laser vision correction.

For many patients there are numerous reasons for poor vision. In a single eye, there may be several different types of visual imperfections and these imperfections are called aberrations. Aberrations are classified as lower-order aberrations and higher-order aberrations. In the past, doctors were only able to correct the lower order aberrations, such as: nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism. Yet, these are not the only causes of blurry vision. Higher order aberrations impact your vision as well, and cannot be corrected with glasses or contacts or even traditional LASIK surgery.

Today, new WaveFront Mapping technology is available that examines the entire optical system, allowing for higher order aberrations to be detected, measured and mapped. The ability to diagnose the higher order aberrations now leads to the ability to correct them resulting in CUSTOMIZED LASIK and ASA.

Together, the WaveScan WaveFront System and STAR S4 Excimer Laser System deliver unprecedented levels of measurement accuracy and outstanding treatment precision essential to the CustomVue procedure. AMO has worked to target and optimize four essential steps to maximize the effectiveness of wavefront driven treatments: 
  • Acquire comprehensive, reliable wavefront data
  • Design the optimal ablation shape for each individual eye
  • Align and orient this optimal shape to the patient’s cornea
  • Deliver the intended shape, utilizing precise and efficient laser technology
The AMO WaveScan WaveFront™ System leads the industry for outstanding wavefront acquisition and diagnostic capabilities. Fast and powerful, the WaveScan System delivers unprecedented measurement accuracy, enhancing the precision of the Advanced CustomVue™ procedure.