Lifestyle Lens Implants

Lifestyle Lens Implants

Once you’ve made the decision to have cataract surgery, you still have a crucial choice ahead of you. During surgery, your eye’s cloudy natural lens will be replaced by an artificial intraocular lens or IOL. Up until recently, nearly everyone who had cataract surgery was fitted with the same basic type of IOL. However, recent innovations have led to the development of a variety of IOL designs, each with their own unique features and advancements.

Wearing reading glasses after cataract surgery is no longer the only option. Dr. Ejaz Husain is qualified to implant a new generation of lifestyle lenses that are specially designed to provide excellent vision at all distances, dramatically reducing or eliminating your need for glasses.

There are several available lifestyle lenses, and our surgeon offers a variety of options in order to provide you with the most appropriate treatment for your visual needs. Personalizing your procedure will lead to better results and more visual independence for you.

You and Dr. Husain will work together to decide which type of IOL is best suited for your needs. And while the characteristics of your eyes certainly play a critical role in lens selection, it’s just as important to consider your lifestyle, and the role vision plays in the activities you enjoy.

Would you like the chance to be glasses-free after surgery, or are you fine with wearing glasses? Do you have astigmatism? Is cost an issue? These are the sort of questions you’ll need to consider as you begin thinking about IOL options.

While a lifestyle lens is usually implanted during cataract surgery to replace a clouded lens, they are sometimes used to alleviate the need for reading glasses in patients who do not yet have cataracts. These patients will never face cataract surgery because, unlike the eye’s natural lens, a lifestyle lens will never develop a cataract.

So, talk to your doctor, consider the options, and choose wisely – the IOL you select will change the very way you see the world!