Cataract and Multifocal Audio and Video Testimonials

Reviews – Multifocal

Closeup of a Multifocal Lens in an Eye

Anne M.
I went to see Dr. Husain for vision correction and found out I had cataracts.  On February 21st and 28th he removed the cataracts and put in Tecnis multifocal lenses.  Life without glasses for the rest of my life is amazing, thank you, Dr. Husain!!

 Michael M.
I recommend Dr. Husain to anyone who wants to improve their vision and throw away their glasses.  When we go out to dinner I now tell everyone who reaches for their glasses to give me the menu and I will read it for them.  I had the Tecnis multifocal lenses and now have 20/20 vision.  Thank you, Dr. Husain.

Tracy C.
After visiting with Dr. Husain, who was highly recommended by several co-works (and Van and Bonnie), he recommended the Tecnis multifocal lens. I was back to work the day after the first surgery and two days after the second and now feel like I have bionic eyes.  It’s CRAZY! The procedure is so non-invasive and the recovery is amazingly quick.  I will always be grateful to Dr. Husain and his staff.  Compassionate, informative, friendly, and simply the BEST…why would you go anywhere else?

Grace H.
A little over a month ago I was wearing corrective lenses at a -12.00 and -10.00 power.  I also had presbyopia and astigmatism.  I had Tecnis multifocal lenses implanted in both eyes now I see 20/15 with NO GLASSES. I am amazed each day to wake up and see things as this is a totally a new experience after decades of life.  The surgery is absolutely life changing and worth every eye drop, and the cost pales in comparison to the benefit.  Yes, the incredible nearsightedness, presbyopia, and astigmatism were all successfully addressed.  Thanks to Dr. Ejaz Husain and everyone at Associated Ophthalmologists I have a new outlook on life!

Connie W.

Dear Dr. Husain:

I want to thank you for the wonderful surgery you performed on me. The results could not be better and I am thrilled with my new abilities…. It truly seems miraculous. People used to dread having cataract surgery, but now, with your skills and the new ReSTOR lens, I tell them they should be looking forward to it!

Your professionalism, as well as that of all your staff made this a very pleasant experience. I look forward to encouraging my friends to see you when they have a need.

Thank you so very much.

Kathy B

Dear Dr. Husain:

There is not a day that goes by when I do not suddenly stop at some point and think “I can see clearly with no glasses or contacts.” It is amazing. I am 53 years old and I was suffering vision loss from cataracts. Fortunately for me, and people like me, there is wonderful technology and an outstanding doctor in our area. His name is Dr. S. Ejaz Husain.

The following are just a few of the activities that I appreciate every day since my cataract surgery with the ReSTOR lens implant. This amazing procedure has enabled me to see clearly again:

Opening my eyes to clear vision each and every morning
Not fumbling for glasses to read in the middle of the night
Threading a needle to sew
Removing the smallest of stitches
Putting on my makeup
Reading recipes as I am cooking
Being able to read labels and instructions on bottles in the shower
Going out on a date with my husband
And many more

I am very grateful.  

Thank you, Dr. Husain, for your great skill and care.

Marilee S.

Dr. Husain and staff:

Dr. Husain explained to me that I could have cataracts removed and a ReSTOR lens could be implanted if I qualified for it…… I was then examined by your “fantastic” staff. Everyone was so nice to me and explained everything so thoroughly.

I am so grateful to all of the doctors and staff of Dr. Husain’s office. They all treat you like they really do care about the patient.

I am excited and will refer any of my friends and others to this practice. You are all great and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for my sight.

Associated Ophthalmologists Voted Top Doctors in Iowa by Des Moines Magazine 2008

Frank M.

Dear Dr. Husain:

You were correct in saying it would change my life and the operation was uneventful without any pain or discomfort. I would do this operation again in a heartbeat.

I now can see better than my 40 year old children.

Thank you for your expertise and professional ability in this procedure

Janet J.

Dr. Husain:

I want to compliment you on the services that you and your staff provided me while I was considering and decided to have the ReSTOR lens.

What a wonderful thing to know that I will not need glasses for the rest of my life…nor will I need to spend money on them!

Please thank your staff for all of their kindness and working around my schedule while my husband was ill. You and your staff were magnificent.

Marv H.

Dear Dr. Husain:

How kind of you to personally call me in the late afternoon the day of my surgeries to inquire of my well being. Thank you sincerely.

A personal commendation to you as a true professional in the medical field. My vision is so great; I did not know it could happen.

Kenneth C.

Dear Dr. Husain and Staff:

After thirty-three years of wearing glasses I had cataract surgery…… The colors are now vivid and I can see to read with no problem. My wife said I acted like a little kid just learning to read for the first time. While we were traveling I read every sign and described the vivid colors of objects to her. I am now going through the great experiences of life seeing everything with the ReSTOR lens.

Thank you, Dr. Husain and staff, for your wonderful work. I feel you have reversed the aging process on my eyes and have given me a new outlook on life.

Sue C.

Dear Dr. Husain:

I just want to let you know how extremely happy I am with my cataract surgery and my ReSTOR lens implants…..

The other day I was walking out of a store with my daughter and it was raining. I was so excited because I just realized how nice it was not to have to worry about rain spotting my glasses. Its little things like that and the fact that I don’t have to reach for my glasses the minute I wake up. I am so thankful to you for your excellent work.

Thanks again, Dr. Husain. You’re a very thorough and caring physician and have excellent staff.

Kathy T.

I can only hope you understand what a difference my surgery has made in my life. No glasses…what freedom that is. Having been in the health care profession for over 30 years, I’ve seen a lot of procedure and equipment improvements, but this by far is a wish come true!

Thank you for your wonderful care and making sure that I understood what to expect from the ReSTOR surgery. It’s just wonderful…as you predicted!

Steve D.

Dear Dr. Husain:

It has been over five months now since my surgeries and I am very pleased with the outcome. I no longer am dependant on glasses or contact lenses for everyday life. My distance vision is crisp and my near vision is very good. I can read the paper and the phone book once again without glasses.

Dr. Husain, the technicians and receptionist were very pleasant to work with. They were excellent at explaining and answering questions or concerns I had along the way. The surgical staff was also great.

I would certainly recommend Dr. Husain and this procedure to anyone who is fortunate enough to be a candidate.

Marilyn G.

Dear Dr. Husain:

Thanks to ReSTOR implants, I can now see perfectly without glasses or contacts which I had worn for approximately thirty years. It is something you would only dream about, but has become a reality.

Having perfect vision is hard to imagine, but attainable with ReSTOR and has worked beautifully for me.

I highly recommend without reservation and appreciate Dr. Husain apprising me of the procedure.

p.s. I would highly recommend Dr. Husain who is outstanding in his field.

Penny F.

Dear Dr. Husain

Thank you, Dr. Husain for restoring my eyesight!

It has almost been a year since you performed cataract surgery on me…… I am so glad you shared with me the options of the ReSTOR intraocular lens and I am glad that I requested that we proceed with using this lens.

You gave me all of the options, and I am so pleased and happy that I do not need to use glasses at all- I feel like a young girl again, not having to search for cumbersome glasses. I overwhelmingly admire your very comprehensive education; follow up leading to and following surgery.

Thank you so much- I have been “singing” your praises to everyone- and I am so very pleased with my “bionic” ReSTOR eyes!

Very warm regards

Reviews – Cataracts

Performing Cataract Surgery

Stephen H.

After 50 years of corrective lenses, it is incredible to view the world free of constraints of my old “thick” eyewear. I had hoped for this miracle and your excellent surgical skills made it possible. Thank you for the compassionate and professional pre-operative and post-operative attention I received while in your care. You addressed all of my concerns and eliminated all of my apprehensions.

I am also indebted to your top-flight medical staff that played a tremendous role in the preliminary consultations, optical measurements, and follow-up healthcare. Their sensitive “bedside” manner and positive demeanor are a compliment to your medical practice.

The collateral benefit to this surgery is in my physical appearance, giving me renewed sense of confidence in my personal and professional endeavors. It would be an honor for me to share my confidence in you with any referral that desire cataract surgery. Again, thank you for one of the best gifts I have ever received in my life.

Margaret H.

I just wanted to take a minute to let you know how much I have appreciated having you for my doctor. I had my left eye cataract surgery at the end of December and just finished with the right eye.  It has amazed me to watch the process for the eye surgeries that you do, from the beginning; such as: the visit to the office, the detailed exams that I went through personally with you, the actual procedure itself and the follow-up.

Unfortunately, there are those of us who are perfectionists and do not have a lot of patience, I fall into this category. This has been such a well-managed process for me. The professionalism that every one has shown me has also been very much appreciated.

Dr. Husain, you are just wonderful to your patients and we all know how very busy you are each day. I think that each of us feels that you have nothing but the very best in mind for us.

My sight continues to improve and I look forward to much more time spent on reading, which is my favorite pastime.

Marilyn P.

I am writing to thank you for the fine work that you did in removing my cataract this year. I am the person with the severe corneal disease (Fuchs’ Dystrophy) and am so thrilled that I can see so well. I’ll probably always have trouble focusing because of the dystrophy but having the cataracts removed has really helped a lot.

The surgery went very well and I am completely recovered. I’ll be sure to recommend you to anyone else; my sister has cataracts starting so she will be seeing you in a few years. Thanks again.

Sandy S.

I was so sure that increasingly poor vision would erode the quality of my life as I continue to age – that there was nothing I could do but except the inevitable. You changed all that. Life still offers miracles – cataract surgery under your skilled hands is one.

Three little words – I CAN SEE! The gift of sight is priceless. You are an artist, you and your staff have my deepest gratitude and respect. Thank you so much for changing my life!

Phyllis F.

I want to share with you how pleased I am with the successful results of my recent cataract surgery. It has exceeded all my expectations. With the gradual deterioration of my vision over the past year, the simplest task had become frustrating – threading a needle, reading, even driving. I did not realize all I was missing.

Throughout the entire process, I experienced no pain or discomfort. I found both the medical and your office staff professional and caring. Thank you for providing me with years of independence and improving life style. I am truly grateful!

Marilyn B.

I had to write to let you know how happy I am with the results of my cataract operation and lens implant. I never realized what I had been missing! Everything now is so clear and I can’t begin to tell you know how vibrant colors are. I never thought I would be able to “SEE” such a difference and can’t wait to have the other eye done.

John L.

The cataract surgery on my eyes has not only restored my sight but my quality of life. I am 71 years old and now can see while driving, on both the highway and the golf course.

Mary H.

“You can drive” we all thought we would never hear those words again. With macular holes in both eyes the outlook was very dim. Thanks to great doctors, Drs. Haupert and you, Dr. Husain I can see the change from counting fingers to driving again – what a thrill. Many thanks.

Delores R.

I am so pleased to have the sight in my left eye restored! Just have to thank for you expertise as a physician and your personal kindness.

I also want you to know how I appreciate the printed material that allows me to refer to your instructions, again and again, and yet again! All is well! Thanks to you, the day surgery personnel and your excellent staff.

Ernest M.

I wish to extend my thanks to you, for with your help, also your staff’s help, I can drive again at night; the restriction was put on my drivers license in July 2000. After operations for cataracts on both eyes and new glasses the restriction was removed from my license. Thanks again to you and your staff for courteous treatments.

Dick J.

Just a note of thanks and appreciation for the fine job you have done with restoring my sight, for that I am grateful, thank you. I was once blind in my left eye and now I can see. Thank you.

Gertrude C.

As I told you the last time I talked to you, I think you worked a miracle for my eyes to be as good as they are, I passed my drivers test and got my license and it really is wonderful to be independent again.

I will continue to tell everyone who needs cataract surgery to have it done by you. Thanks again!

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