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M. H.

I had a custom ASA done by Dr. Husain. My vision went from 20/600; the next day I was seeing 20/20. At my one month checkup I was 20/15. My vision is continuing to improve as my eyes heal. This was the best money I’ve spent. I was so nervous to have this done that it took my husband 5 years to convince me — I worried for nothing. The procedure was simple and painless. No complications, no dry eyes, no halos; just perfect vision! Thanks, Dr. Husain!

Jennifer M.

I did research on LASIK for two years and went to talk to other doctors performing the procedure, before deciding on Dr. Husain and his team. What a bunch of terrific, caring people! They were honest, thorough and put my mind at ease during the actual procedure. Most importantly, I saw Dr. Husain for the pre-surgery visits, the procedure and the post-surgery visits. He didn’t just give me “a quick look” on the way through the office nor have another doctor examine my eyes. He personally took time to care for me and answered any questions that I had before, during and after the procedure.

I was so pleased I sent thirteen of my friends and co-workers to see him—all of whom had the same wonderful results! I can’t thank Dr. Husain and Deb enough for all their care and professionalism. A life without contacts and glasses is truly a blessing beyond words.

C. B.

I was nervous about vision correction due to problems with dry eye. I finally decided to check in to it when I heard Dr. Husain does free consultations. He was so reassuring and helpful from the first appointment. He started me on eye drops right away and discussed the best option for my eyes. With Dr. Husain’s attention to detail I had no surprises from before my surgery to follow up. I’m now 1 month out from ASA and my vision has improved from 20/600 to 20/20. Highly recommend the services and staff at Associated Ophthalmologists.

Dr. Husain’s own daughter directly following her ASA procedure. She now has 20/20 vision.

B. L.

Four years ago, I had an ASA with Dr. Husain. It was the best decision I ever made! I wasn’t just legally blind, I was 5x legally blind and hadn’t been able to see the big ‘E’ on the eye chart without contacts or glasses since pre-kindergarten. Since the surgery, I have maintained 20/20 vision. I wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Husain for laser vision correction. 

Michael G.

What can I say to the man who granted one of my life wishes? How many times in the 34 years I wore glasses had I wished I didn’t need them? The change in my life has been profound. I thank God that he has blessed you with the skill to heal and the heart you have for your patients. Thank you for your caring nature and concern for my person. I feel I have received a gift that has limitless value. I wish everyone who needs corrective lenses could have this done to them.

I can’t recommend the LASIK procedure highly enough or speak well enough of Dr. Ejaz Husain. The staff and facility are first rate. When I share my experience with others about the surgery, I talk to them about the quality of my life without glasses; I think they all have at least considered pursuing the procedure themselves. As a competitive shooter, my sight is extraordinarily important to me. Without it, I could no longer enjoy a part of my life that gives me much pleasure. One week after the procedure I was seeing 20/15 in each eye. From 20/400 that is an amazing improvement. Dr. Husain and his staff addressed my concerns and had the answers I needed. He is genuinely excited for each individual and the quality of vision he can help them achieve. I think that finding someone you can trust with your eyes speak volumes about the man. Thank you, Dr. Husain.

Associated Ophthalmologists Voted Top Doctors in IOW by Des Moines Magazine 2008

K. H.

Went in for a LASIK consult but Dr. Husain wisely recommended ASA instead. He and his terrific staff took excellent care of me! One year later and my vision is 20/15 with minimal dryness – which was a huge concern of mine, having dryer eyes prior to surgery.Go talk to Dr. Husain. He’s brilliant.

Lou O.

What a happy day it was when I could see again! See what? The face of the deer that walks up in my yard; the butterfly that lands and takes off from a flower in my garden (from my kitchen window); the roadside signs; my license with no vision restriction; the clock in the middle of the night; fish and coral under water, and, my certificate from a basic pistol class, marked “Top Gun” and signed by the instructors!

Then, of course, there are the things I can no longer see: Steamed- and fogged-over glasses; frame edges; facial oils on lenses, a less attractive face in the mirror; bifocal lines or bifocal blur; and, red marks on the bridge of my nose.

Of all the things that I could have improved a little for my “next 50 years,” I am so happy that I picked laser vision correction with Dr. Husain.

Thank you so much for the extreme attention to detail. I just LOVE that! It makes a patient feel so secure. You know I recommend you to everyone; of course many of my friends have already come to you!

A. S.

Achieved better than normal vision (20/15) after ASA with Dr. Husain and his excellent team! One of the best decisions I’ve ever made. And, over time, it’ll more than pay for itself with the money I’ll be saving on contacts!

Brent H.

I am writing to you today to say thanks for freeing me from the bonds of glasses and contacts. In February 2002 I made the decision to research the Lasik procedure and consider it for myself. I did research the various clinics and surgeons in the Des Moines area that performed the procedure and I selected you to do the procedure. I felt very comfortable with your conservative approach toward the Lasik procedure. In fact, you indicated to me if I were not the appropriate candidate you would tell me. As it turned out I was an acceptable candidate and my Lasik procedure was completed in April.

Since April my world has changed. There are no more contacts or glasses (finally threw them away yesterday but kept the frames for readers just in case). At one day after surgery (April 2nd I had 20/20 vision and as of yesterday (April 8th) I have 20/15 vision. As we discussed prior to the procedure, with my contacts I had very good vision. Today I can truly say my eyesight is better without contacts. Unbelievable!!!!

This past week my friends asked me if the procedure was painful. I have indicated to them the only pain I had was about one hour after the procedure (scratchy eyes) and that went away within the hour. On April 2nd went back to work, the recovery time is great. I still keep asking myself why things went so well for me. My response; go into this process with a positive attitude, have confidence in yourself, and most importantly have trust and confidence in your physician. In this case it was you, there was never a doubt in my mind the first time I met you the procedure would be successful. Again thanks and I will see you in about six weeks for my next checkup.

T. D.

I had ASA laser eye correction surgery over 10 years ago.  I just had a follow up with Dr. Ejaz Husain and I still have 20/20 vision.  He has always provided me with quality care and informed me of any issues or any details I need to address.  My only regret is that I hadn’t done this sooner!


Lisa H.

I am 35 years old and I have been legally blind since I was about 11 years old. My vision had always been corrected with glasses or contacts. In March of 1999, my parents, who both see Dr. Husain for all their eye exams, asked me if I would like to have Dr. Husain do the Lasik surgery on my eyes to correct my vision. I decided to talk with him about it and was very impressed with his detailed discussion about laser vision correction. After I made my decision to proceed with the surgery he was meticulous about checking my eyes repeatedly to make sure he would get the best results possible for my eyes. He is very cautious, making sure that he does whatever is best for your vision. The procedure itself was painless and not scary at all; everyone was very encouraging and everything went smoothly. As soon as the procedure was over I could tell a difference in my vision and I started to cry because I was so excited. Dr. Husain was just as excited as I was, how great to have a Dr. with that much enthusiasm! I believe that Dr. Husain really has a passion to help people have better vision and it shows in his work!

I now have 20/20 vision! I can see my alarm clock in the morning, I can go swimming now hassle free, my eyes are never irritated anymore, and the list of benefits goes on and on. I thank God every day for this procedure to correct my vision. I believe even more importantly though, that you must have the best Dr. in order to make this happen. I believe that I had the best and why would you want to trust your eyes to anyone else?

E. R.

I see 20/15 only 6 months after my vision correction ASA procedure with Dr. Husein.  I spent 30 yrs dependent on glasses at -7.0 and now nothing!  He is very thorough and doesn’t take your eyesight lightly – I had no complications and I knew I was in good hands.  The office is also great and the people he has working for him – I would give them more stars if I could.

Steve K.

Just a few words of thanks following my recent LASIK eye Surgery.
My vision continues to improve but nothing could improve my opinion of you and your staff. Making the decision to go through with the procedure is tough enough, but getting over the fear-factor is the toughest part.

You and your staff did a wonderful job of erasing my fears through thorough pre-operation education, caring enough to physically hold my hand during the procedure and personal follow-up by the same physician who put the laser to my eyes. Thanks to you I can see clearly now without my glasses but I can also see clearly that you, Doctor Husain, are THE MAN when it comes to LASIK eye surgery.  

M. D.

Dr. Husain is the best. Don’t go anywhere else for LASIK surgery. My vision is 20/15 and no problems. My husband also had ASA and he loves it. We bike, hunt and are very active and appreciate the fact we longer have to deal with contacts.

Dr. Husain

Rachel J.

This letter is a long time coming. I had to wear glasses for the first time at age nine. I clearly remember the realization at age sixteen that I would always need glasses or contacts in order to see – and the depression that resulted from that realization. I graduated to contact lenses as a young adult, but after my first child was born, I developed astigmatism in both eyes and could no longer wear any kind of contacts comfortably. I did try the gas-permeable variety for a year or so, but went back to glasses in the early 90’s.

During early 2000, 1 heard about your practice through Van and Bonnie in the show on WHO Radio. I waited for several months hoping the price of the procedure would go down, but decided that not only would it be worth the money, but that I needed to do this sooner rather than later. So I made the appointment, found out that I was a good candidate and decided to go for it!

When I woke up on the morning of August 14, 2000 I put on my glasses for the last time. By that evening I could read the credits on the television screen from six feet away – without glasses! When I woke up the next morning and took off the shields, I could see well enough to drive myself to work and my first post-procedural follow-up appointment without my glasses! What a revelation!

Even now, over a year later, I am amazed by how clearly I can see day and night. My vision prior to August 14, 2000 was 20/400. On August 15th it was 20/20. Now it is 20/15 – much better than 1 had ever hoped. I realize that you can’t guarantee this kind of result, but you went for it; and in my case achieved it. Thank you so much! The freedom from glasses and contacts is something I never thought would be possible for me. It is truly amazing.

Your record of successes speaks for itself as well. I had heard some of the horror stories about bad experiences with this type of procedure and have to say that if other surgeons had your professional ethics, those incidents (or most of them) would never have happened.

Thank you for everything. My experience with Dr. Husain has been a truly positive one. You and your staff have treated me with respect at all times. Information on the Lasik procedure and my suitability for it was given to me clearly and honestly. I was even given a written test to make sure that I understood what was going on and that my expectations were realistic! I think that that kind of attention to detail is wonderful and I always highly recommend you to anyone who is considering Lasik.

M. E.

Dr. Husain did an amazing job on my ASA procedure!  I had zero pain and regained around 85% vision in just a few days.  I now have 20/15 vision and am so happy that I got the procedure done.  I wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Husain to anybody looking to have ASA, LASIK, or any other type of laser vision correction.

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