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The doctors and staff at Associated Ophthalmologists have extensive experience in the latest soft, gas permeable, hybrid, and scleral contact lens technologies. Our optometrists specialize in custom fitting of contact lenses for patients with nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism, presbyopia, keratoconus, and corneal irregularities. Contact lenses are also available for severe dry eye, post-surgical patients, and more challenging prescriptions. Our goal is to find a contact lens that will best meet each individual’s needs.

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Astigmatism Correcting Contact Lenses Contact lenses are available for patients with both low and high amounts of astigmatism. Depending on your prescription, you may have options in the “breathable” soft contact lenses, daily disposable contact lenses, or other specialized astigmatism-correcting lenses.

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Soft Silicone Hydrogel, “Breathable” Contact Lenses Silicone hydrogels are the latest development in contact lens materials.  They allow for six times more oxygen transmission than conventional materials, which provides better overall ocular health.  They also have a much lower incidence of complications with extended wear, so patients have more flexibility in their wear time schedules.  Other advantages of silicone hydrogel lenses include: more resistance to protein deposits, less drying of the lenses, lower risk of eye infection, and easier handling due to increased rigidity of material. Click here to learn more about the latest in Silicone Hydrogel Technology.

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Daily Disposable Contact Lenses Daily disposable contact lenses provide the ultimate in convenience. They are single-use lenses disposed of at the end of each day, requiring no cleaning or care. These lenses are especially beneficial for patients with ocular allergies or dry eye syndrome, and can also can be a great option for patients that wear contacts on a part-time basis.  Also, individuals that participate in outdoor sports tend to enjoy the convenience of daily lenses. Click here to learn more about the newest Daily lens.

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Hybrid Contact Lenses Another great advancement in the contact lens field has been hybrid lenses.  They have an RGP (hard) center, but a soft skirt to the lens.  The result is a lens that feels like a soft lens but has the optics of a hard lens.  These are a very good option for patients with high astigmatism, patients needing bifocals, and keratoconus patients. Click here to learn more about Hybrid Contact Lenses 

Gas Permeable Contact Lenses Gas permeable lenses have made many advancements over the years, and today’s choices include materials with greater breathability, better wettability, and superior comfort. Lenses are custom designed to fit your cornea and eye. They are a great lens of choice for those with high prescriptions, high astigmatism, or in need of bifocals.

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Bifocal And Multifocal Contact Lenses For those in need of additional correction using bifocals or reading glasses, we fit the latest in multifocal soft and gas permeable lenses. Both designs offer good distance vision with the addition of improved intermediate and near vision for those who desire the convenience of bifocals without glasses. Click here to learn more about multifocal lenses.

We also utilize monovision fitting techniques, which focus your dominant eye for your distance prescription, and your non-dominant eye for your near vision. This too is a great option for those desiring clear far and near vision without the aid of glasses.

Ocular Trauma: Corneal Scarring, Recurrent Corneal Erosions 

Contact lenses are a great option for the gym, sports, recreation, or every-day use. Don’t settle for inferior products or service. Contact lenses are more advanced, healthier, and easier to care for than ever before. Call to schedule an appointment with one of our doctors for your eye examination and to discuss your best options. We have certified staff to instruct you on inserting and removing contact lenses, caring for your lenses, and to offer advice and answer questions at any time. Please contact our office to set up an appointment to see one of our doctors for a comprehensive eye examination and contact lens evaluation. When scheduling, you will be informed to wear your contacts, bring your glasses; and bring the most current prescription and contact lens specifications prescribed by your previous doctor to your appointment. Give us a call at (515) 244-EYES (3937) or schedule an appointment.

Contact Lens Education

Contact Lens Fitting

Whether you are new to contact lenses, or wish to upgrade for your lifestyle, we have knowledgeable doctors and committed staff to assist you with all of your contact lens needs.  We look forward to assisting you in achieving optimal comfort and vision with less dependence on glasses.  

We recommend you begin by making an appointment with one of our doctors for a comprehensive eye exam to determine your visual demands and eye health needs.  In most cases, one or more follow up appointments and/or pairs of contact lenses may be necessary to achieve optimal success.  Certified staff are available to help you with your contact lens questions, including instructions on inserting and removing contact lenses and care of contact lenses.

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Please check with your vision insurance prior to making your appointment, as contact lens services are not covered by all insurances, and fees will be due at the time of service.

Contact Lens Care Instructions


  • Always wash your hands prior to handling contact lenses.
  • Avoid using hand lotion before handling contact lenses.
  • Once your contact lenses are inserted, rinse your case under hot water and allow the case to air dry.
  • Replace your lens case every 3 months.
  • Always use fresh solution when placing your lenses in the case to be disinfected.
  • Make-up should be applied after the lenses are in.  Remove your lenses prior to removing make-up.  Avoid oil-based make-up removers.
  • Always use the recommended rinsing or wetting solution, or rewetting drops if your eyes feel dry.  

Preparation of insertion of any type of lens

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Insertion and removal instructions for soft lenses

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Insertion and removal instructions for RGP (Hard) lenses

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Insertion, Removal, and Care of Hybrid lenses

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Cleaning and Care

  • Always use the care system recommended by your doctor.  Substituting solutions may result in inferior cleaning and disinfection, or in some cases, allergic reactions with some contact lenses.  Consult your doctor with questions.
  • Remember that bottles with Red Caps are not to go in your eyes.
  • Recommended soft contact lens solutions:
    • Optifree Replenish
    • Clear Care
  • Recommended gas permeable lens solutions:
    • Boston Advance
    • Optimum
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General Information

  • Your eyes may feel more dry than usual when wearing contact lenses.  You may use re-wetting drops to help alleviate this discomfort.  Suggested drops:
    • Refresh tears or Refresh contact lens
    • Blink
  • Do not use prescription or over the counter medicine eye drops with contact lenses in your eyes.
  • Remove lenses for any water sports, such as swimming or water skiing, as there are bacteria in water that can soak into your contact lenses and create infections.
  • Do not sleep in contact lenses unless specifically prescribed by your doctor.

How to Handle Emergencies

  • Accidentally slept in contact lenses: Do NOT attempt to remove lenses right away.  Add a few drops of artificial tears or re-wetting drops to your eyes and wait 10 minutes before removing lenses.
  • Excessive redness, mattering, itchiness, or soreness:  Do NOT wear your contact lenses until you see your doctor.  You may have an infection or inflammation that may need medical attention.  Call your doctor immediately to be seen.
  • Possible lost lens in the eye: Due to the anatomy of the eye, the contact lens cannot travel “behind the eye”.  Sometimes when you are attempting to remove your lenses, you may irritate your eye, creating a sensation of something in your eye.  If you cannot remove your contact lens or feel you have something else in your eye, notify your doctor immediately.
  • You suspect something is wrong: Do NOT wear your contact lenses and notify your doctor immediately
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