Patient Financing For LVC

Affordability and Financing



Affordability and Payment Options:

When considering a vision correction procedure such as LASIK or ASA financial considerations should not be an obstacle in obtaining the eye care you deserve. Our goal is to offer you affordable choices that fit any budget. It is for this reason that we make our LASIK and other vision correction procedures affordable, by offering a combination of expertise, experience and advanced technology at a price everyone can afford.

We Offer Multiple Payment Options:

  • Cash or Cashier’s Check
  • Visa, Master Card, or Discover
  • Employee Medical Spending Flex Accounts

Financing Available:

  • Zero Down Payment & Special Financing for 18 months financing is available through Wells Fargo with approved credit.   APPLY NOW

Flexible Spending Options:

Tax Free, Flex Spending Accounts and Health Savings Accounts

By participating in your employer’s Flex Spending Account, or setting aside the funds in a Health Savings Account, you can save a substantial amount in your payroll tax.

You will be given all the information needed at your complementary LASIK consultation to determine how much to set aside in your Flex Spending or HSA policy for surgery. Please consult your corporation’s Human Resource Department for details concerning plan details and your eligibility in these policies.

There are many affordable payment options available. We would be happy to discuss any of these options with you.

Custom LASIK Cost Comparison:

When considering laser vision correction surgery, one important aspect is the cost of the surgery. Custom LASIK is considered elective and is not covered by insurance. The current marketplace can be confusing with many providers advertising low or discount pricing. You mi ght ask – isn’t it all the same? If you have done your research, you will realize that all vision correction surgery is not the same. The lower price may not include the use of the newest technology at a state-of-the art facility. The newest and most advanced technology is going to be the safest and most precise. Dr. Ejaz Husain uses state-of-the art technology such as the Visx Star Excimer Laser. 

Lower pricing may also mean your surgery is being co-managed. This means you will only see the actual surgeon at the time of surgery. Discount centers who co-manage these procedures often use providers who lack the specialized training required to do the surgery, but still permit them to handle all your preoperative and postoperative care. Dr. Ejaz Husain is directly involved in all your pre and postoperative visits.  You can feel confident Dr. Husain is actively involved in every aspect of your surgery.

Think about how important your eyes are to you. The cheapest is clearly not always the best.  When it comes to your eyes there should be no compromise!

Compare the Average Cost of EYE CARE over 10 years:

(Prices not actual AOPC pricing but rather an illustration)

Glasses   Soft Disposable Lenses and Back-Up Glasses
Annual Eye Exam $150
Average cost of single vision lenses $140
Frames $250
  Annual contact lens exam  $225
Contact Lenses (Dailies year supply) $400
Average cost of single vision lenses $140
Over a 10 Year Period:   $2,700   Over a 10 Year Period:   $11,650
Rigid Gas Permeable Lenses and Back-Up Glasses
Initial exam with RGP lenses $300
Annual Eye exam $225
RGP contact lenses $250
Solutions (each year) $150
Average cost of single vision lenses $140
Backup Frames $250

Over a 10 Year Period:  $13,150

Now Compare the Cost of LASIK with the Lifetime Expense of Wearing Contacts or Glasses